Hampton Roads, VA

Demolition Done Right!


Demolition Done Right!


Partner With a Skilled Demolition Contractor in Hampton, VA

We are a full-service demolition contractor in Hampton, VA, specializing in demolition services and debris cleanup. If you are looking for a smooth and quick demolition service, you came to the right place! We’re committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied with our skilled team, providing services from small interior wall demolitions to large commercial building demolition projects. We also offer debris removal and cleanup services at an affordable rate.

What Our Expert Demolition Team Offers

Are you planning to upgrade your property but worried about how much it will cost you to tear down your house? Have you been wanting to get your wall demolished without having to pay for the demolition cost of the whole building? Shovel Kings has expert contractors to answer all your concerns! Our reliable demolition contractors can help you with your next project—and we’ll guarantee a reasonable price for our professional services! Call Shovel Kings today for information and assistance.

Our demolition services include:

  • Wall demolition
  • Building demolition
  • Commercial demolition
  • Debris clean-up and removal
  • And more demolition services!

Demolition Services Are Only a Call Away!

Do you have a project that’s been stalled for too long? Delay no more! Our skilled demolition teams in Hampton, VA, are ready to work with you today to ensure that your project is handled with care while keeping noise levels low and cleanup minimal. Call Shovel Kings today!