• Curved side entry steps
  • Safety ledge 3 swim out seats
  • Length 30′ Width 14′ Depth 3’7′ to 5′ 11″

Craving epic backyard bashes? The Roatan pool is your answer! This larger-than-life sibling to the Costa Rica takes family fun to a whole new level, with space for everyone and everything…

  • Splash Zone Paradise: The spacious shallow end is a haven for kids to splash around and create lasting memories
  • Lap-Lover’s Dream: Dive into the deep end and conquer those laps or simply relax on one of the three cozy bump-out seats with a refreshing beverage
  • Social Butterfly Central: Invite the neighbors! The Roatan’s ample space can handle any size gathering, making it the ultimate party pool
  • * Safety first: The built-in safety ledge offers peace of mind for parents and little ones alike
  • Stylish and Convenient: Curved side entry steps add a touch of elegance while making getting in and out a breeze